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Cindy Morton-Ferreira

P.O. Box 10454

Vorna Valley

Midrand, 1686


Leadership Skills

Giving mediocre and good leaders the skills to be Great Leaders. Potential future leaders and current leaders can all benefit from Exceptional Leadership Skills Training.


Cindy is solution led, with customised solutions integrating:

Assure the highest standards through the delivery of accurate and professional Services within a reasonable cost and timely manner to all our clients

Constantly seek new methods to enhance our approach to training methodologies

Ensure unbiased and fair business practice throughout all aspects of our business

Operate in this manner so both our relationships and profitability will grow from strength to strength

Keynote Addresses

Book a Paradigm Shifter, not just a Motivational Speaker


Cindy Morton-Ferreira, has been involved in transforming business for over 12 years but her talents lie with making a change in others lives. She demonstrates this talent when she composes a motivational talk to assist people in the belief of whom they are… and the next step of WHAT NOW??

Cindy is a passionate speaker when it comes to Leadership and the influence of women in that role. She has spoken at a number of Leadership Talks and Women in Leadership Think Tanks – where her thoughts on the change of mindsets and driving women into leadership.

Cindy believes that motivational talks are short lived and the management team, need to understand that motivating and changing people are closely related but are separate dynamics that need to be addressed. Her revolutionary approach to continued motivation is supported by a programme which allows your company to continue to get motivational elements from the top service providers in the market

Communication Skills

Deal with some of the “soft skills” required to avoid the hazards that clutter our everyday communication issues.

Facilitation Skills

Cindy facilitates meetings, conferences, disputes and difficulties.  As a facilitator, she has learnt the expert skills of been able to facilitate the difficult and challenging questions that need to be driven to achieve results from Strategy to People dealing with change and how to drive your culture.

Team Building / Team Development

The personalities and team dynamics define both a companies limitations and also allow them the key to unlock their enormous potential…

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Targeted Training

Our specialty is dealing with a series of people issues and how to make the team tune into WIFM station of the company. Comprehensive, practical and tailor-made programmes offer delegates a chance to seize an passionate look at specific training.


Conversations That Matter – Taking networking in SA to the next level. Using a variety of methods in ensuring that when you attend our CTM’s the networking is facilitated and developed to ensure that the environment is conducive to making connections and developing the business networks.

Paradigm Shifter

Our talents allow us to give organizations the tools to continued motivation and implementing a positive mind set.

Voice Over Facilities for Radio and Television Advertisements

Cindy has been involved in the Arts since she was a child. She did many productions for her local drama group. She has been an inpirational and strategic speaker for over 12 years and delivers her message in a powerful and passionate manner that drives people to sit up and pay attention. Cindy was briefly involved in advertising a few years ago and aired on advertising campaigns.

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